Boots, Moccasins & Sandals

Shop the latest in the Indie Alice range of baby moccasins boots and sandals. Made from genuine leather, all our baby shoes for the smallest feet are soft soled, and we now offer rubber soles for your toddlers who are always on the go. All of our footwear have elasticated ankles to make sure they stay on little feet! Whether you want to take your little ones out for a day of puddle jumping, beach hangs, or if they just need something to lounge in, our Indie Alice baby leather moccasins provide super comfy cushioning for super soft baby feet!

Our baby shoes are ideal for growing feet – perfect for babies, toddlers and first walkers!

Before purchasing, check out if the baby shoe fits with our Baby Shoe Size Guide and make sure your baby moccasins will fit comfortably on your little ones baby feet! 

Baby Moccasins FAQ

What size should I order?

Head over to our Baby Shoe Size Guide for a quick and easy way to figure out what size is best for your little one! And when in doubt, use the pinkie rule – allow for at least one (adult) pinkie width longer than their actual size to give baby feet enough room to grow.

How should I wash my Indie Alice shoes?

After your little adventurers are done playing in the great outdoors (in mud, sand, and the like), the first thing you should do is take a soft washcloth and wipe surface dirty away. If you feel the need to use soap, remember to only use warm water and very little mild soap. Never completely soak your baby leather moccasins in water, and always let them air dry.

Why soft soled, leather moccasins?

Professional pediatrics always recommend soft soled shoes as ideal for baby feet. They provide good flexibility in the sole while keeping feet safe and warm. Buying into trends and fashionable styles like boots or flipflops can be tempting, but often these trendy shoes are difficult to walk in and can be restrictive. These can have harmful effects on baby feet growth such as inhibiting proper muscle development.

 Indie Alice moccasins are soft, comfortable, and oh-so-cute! So the real question becomes – why not use soft soled leather moccasins? Shop the perfect pair for your little one today!

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